Get creative at  Dalnavert Museum and Visitors' Centre (DMVC) for your next project. The lavish interior of the house and surrounding Heritage Gardens will help you create artistic, vintage-inspired, and unique images of your own.

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Mind the Collection

DMVC features an extensive collection of items from the late Victorian and early Edwardian periods. Please be mindful of the artifacts when taking photos on the grounds and in the house. 

Staff and volunteers may limit requests that could be detrimental to the collection. Make sure you discuss your expectations in detail with one of our staff before coming for a photo shoot so we can make every effort to support your vision while also protecting our exhibits.

If you are bringing children to your photo shoot, please allow one of our staff or volunteers to review museum practices with them before you begin your session.

Children attending photo shoots must be supervised at all times.


Photo Policy

Museum guests are welcome to take photos of the house during their tour, as long as it doesn't disrupt their tour group or guide. Your tour guide will indicate appropriate times for photography.

Please ask before taking photos of your tour guide or other DMVC volunteers and staff.

Due to limited space within the house and the exposed display of artifacts, selfie sticks are not permitted inside the home. Please feel free to take selfies outside the home or in the Heritage Garden.