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VICTORIAN DETECTIVES -The Rise of the Detective: Sherlock Holmes and His Successors

Join us as we delve into the Victorians and their penchant for invention. This time it's the DETECTIVE NOVEL!  In this illustrated talk, Dr Vanessa Warne, an award winning professor from the U of Manitoba, will explore the colourful history of the rise of Victorian detective literature, with a special focus on Victorian Britain's most celebrated fictional detective: Sherlock Holmes. Sharing stories about both Holmes and his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, she will use photographs, maps, and engraved illustrations to enrich our appreciation of the origins of both this character and the detective story genre.If this has piqued your interest, sign up for the in depth Victorian Detective Reading Series March 5, 12, and 19th.

Introduction to VICTORIAN DETECTIVES: By Donation 

VICTORIAN DETECTIVES Reading Series - $45 - 3 sessions - March 5, 12, 19th at 1:30pm

10% discount for members.

Novels to be discussed are:

March 5th - Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Man With the Twisted Lip" : Together we will explore the idea of double lives and I'll provide background on the opium dens and docklands of Victorian London.

March 12th - James McGovan's "The Mysterious Human Leg" : Topics to explore will include the dark side of Victorian medical practice and connections between medicine and the law.

March 19th - Mary Fortune's "The Dead Witness" : A story set in the Australian bush that invites us to explore the beauty and the danger of the colonies and also the invention of photography.

PDF's of each story will be made available to you when you sign up for the series.

Please register with Dalnavert at 204-943-2835