Dracula Unearthed! Revamped October 11-28th

This October, Dracula returns with some new additions to this Halloween experience. Here to tell us about what’s so Victorian about Dracula is creator and director Kevin Klassen (Echo Theatre)

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula is, among many other things, a thoroughly Victorian novel: galvanized by the tension between the staid traditions and puritanical moral code of the era and its popular obsession with the lurid, and fascination with the technologically new. First published in 1897, it is very specifically of its time, with the inclusion of such recent inventions as the Kodak camera, the portable typewriter, and the recording phonograph. Built in 1895, Dalnavert is precisely the type of late Victorian mansion in which Dracula’s (largely affluent) characters would have resided. The venue is perfectly suited to the subject matter.”

To get your tickets and find out more, head to the event page for Dracula Unearthed! Revamped. Be there, or beware!

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